13 Nov 2022 08:41:53
I may be sounding like a leaf fan right now, but I think this team actually could compete this year, I think they could pull something off without sacrificing there future, they are missing only one or two things, a number two centre with experience, and maybe another veteran defensman wit experiernce, and just a presence for the younger ones to learn from and just be in the locker room to guide them.
I'd be all over trying to pull off a ryan oreilly trade. I would be giving the younger goalie more game play, Samuel. The goaltending is a little shaky. But you never know, price hasn't ruled about playing again. Long shot but could be he may be back if the right circumstances came up and if not, and goalie was still shaky at playoff time they could trade for one at deadline. I would trade dvorak, and ship out either drouin or dadonov, I think Hoffman would make if they could pull off oreilly would great with gally. I mean it's a pipe dream, but this team in paper at the beginning didn't look very hopeful, but this team is only going to get better this season. It is really close to turning around. This team I would say is better than the one that made it to the finals. They are a lot better team. All they don't have is an injured price amd Weber really. They are a lot faster, have 100 times a better coach. I never liked that coach they brought in for Jullian, they played there best hockey when he wasn't on the bench. And as for Berveron, I think he sabotaged the team last year knowing he was moving to la. He brought in two coaches that did nothing the first times around in Montreal just to replace Julian with the worst coach Montreal had in years. I would give up Dvorak a first round pick and prospect to St. Louis just to have a chance at competing this year. This team deserves to show everyone that they are better than what people thought they were. Everyone said there defence was week, I don't think they are. When Matheson comes back they will even better than they are. I look at it line the 1993 defense, Eric dejarins Mathieu schiender, Lyle odelian. This team is very comparible to the players and ages now to then. Only difference is Patrick Roy is missing. But who know that Samuel may pull it off, Jordan binnington did it for St. Louis, a team like this one has players that everyone gave up on, all does is makes them prove the other teams that got rid of them they were wrong, monahan, dach, even wifi was passed up in the draft,

1.) 26 Dec 2022
26 Dec 2022 14:14:12
OMG…?…HUGE no, and those long rants read worse than the leaf fan drivel that you compared yourself to.

Habs are rebuilding and trading a package for a UFA is simply insane.