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18 May 2024 00:52:08
Looking at the draft order and seeing that there’s a few teams that just had an off year. Mainly speaking about:

New Jersey - 10th overall
Buffalo - 11th overall
Detroit - 15th overall
Ottawa - 7th overall ***

I don’t know if Montreal will trade up from the 5th overall so let’s pretend they keep their pick and likely take at that point Lindstrom.

Seeing that Eiserman is project to go anywhere from 9th to 13th (I mean he could go second for all I know at this point) I would love to see him go to Montreal to have a 1-2 with him and caufield.

Let’s say we get to New Jersey’s pick (or really any one of the above mentioned excluding Ottawa right now), I think there could be something that could happen with one of those teams. I think Buffalo could be the key team here in a trade proposal if Eiserman is still there.

Thinking of two potential trades:

Montreal receives
Buffalo’s 11th overall

Buffalo receives
Winnipegs 24th-27th overall


Montreal receives
Buffalo’s 11th overall

Buffalo receives
Winnipegs 24th-27th overall

Looking at what buffalo needs/ wants, it’s a right handed defence-man. Looking at the first trade, they get a young right handed guy and a first round pick. It all depends on who is still around when the pick comes up but if there’s no solid right handed Defence, I could see them wanting Barron as all their Dmen are left handers.

Going to the second choice I think taking on skinners 9 mil for Anderson a 5.5 is a win for buffalo for cap plus they get a reliable veteran right handed Dman. Savard could mentor the younger guys and provide some stability for all the offensive minded guys. Anderson could use a change of scenery. Skinner could do really well in Montreal too. I believe a few years ago there was talk that skinner might get traded to Montreal. Now buffalo could be a bit closer to the playoffs but at the same time if Montreal gets Lindstrom and eiserman plus skinner, they could push for a spot as well. If Montreal is faltering they could trade away skinner as well at the deadline to a contender and retain salary for two years only.

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15 May 2024 17:04:33
Montreal receives

Mason Mctavish
Jackson Lacombe

Anaheim receives

1st round pick #5 overall
Wpg 1st round pick
Jordan harris
Luke tuch

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07 May 2024 19:59:45
Montreal: Anderson(1.5m retained) chicago: van 2nd, calgary 5th.

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12 May 2024 20:59:51
Montreal would probably have to throw a 2nd in to get rid of the contract, not ask for a 2nd. He needs to have a good year as a Hab to reestablish any value. He has the skill set to do it but I am becoming skeptical.

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06 May 2024 11:38:18
MTL - Josh Anderson and Christian Dvorak
LAK - Pierre-Luc Dubois

Quinton Byfield - Anze Kopitar - Kevin Fiala
Trevor Moore - Philip Danault - Josh Anderson
Adrian Kempe - Christian Dvorak - Arthur Kaliyev
Alex Turcotte - Blake Lizotte - Alex Laferriere

Vladislav Gavrikov - Drew Doughty
Michael Anderson - Brandt Clarke
Andreas Englund - Jordan Spence

Pierre-Luc Dubois - Nick Suzuki - Cole Caufield
Juraj Slafkovsky - Kirby Dach - Brendan Gallagher
Rafael Harvey-Pinard - Alex Newhook - Joshua Roy
Michael Pezzetta - Jake Evans - Joel Armia

Michael Matheson - David Savard
Kaiden Guhle - Justin Barron
Arber Xhekaj - Jordan Harris

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06 May 2024 02:52:17
Montreal trade with leafs
Mtl: Reinbacher, Harris,Anderson
Tor: Mitch Marner
Habs draft , if lucky ; celebriny
Or Demidov, catton , or Lindstrom
Sign Marchessault 2 -3 yrs
Then habs rebuild is done
1st line
Marner Suzuki caufield
2nd line
Slavkosky 2024 draft pick dach
3rd line
Marchessault Newhook Roy
4th line
Armia evans Gallagher

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29 Apr 2024 15:04:06
Mon: 2024 1st (Mon)

Nsh: askarov, 2024 pick based on lottery results.

(Nash uses the pick to trade for zegras)

We essentially a 3 way Dance. Montreal gets their goalie of the future on their timeline, Nash gets an impact high skill center, and Anaheim gets another high 1st round raft pick.

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22 Apr 2024 23:14:33
Three way trade

Habs- Anderson-strubble-1st pick wpg 2024

Nsh- Saros

LA - Clarke-dubois-kaliev- 1st pick 2024 LA


LA- Saros-strubble

Nsh- anderson-clarke-kaliev- 1 st pick of LA and WPg

Nsh- get good pieces for Saros and give the net too askarov

LA part ways with Dubois , give them cap relief and the goaltender they needs and a physical LHD to play with spence

Habs take a chance on Dubois , give him a chance too bounce back with Kirby Dach. Big and talented ,kinda player we need. Pretty sure st Louis and Lecavalier could put him on the right track. By dumping Anderson , and 2 expendable pièce

Habs resign Monahan
3years 16M

LA resign Saros 7 x 9 M

Habs top 6


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24 Apr 2024 00:28:13
Habs Will not pay Dubois more than Suzuki, rightfully so.

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26 Apr 2024 10:01:37
Monahan 10-11 M 2 years.

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12 May 2024 21:05:03
Dubois straight up for Anderson would be about right and as a Hab fan I still wouldn't do it. 8.5 for 7 more years could really hurt them in a few years.

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07 Mar 2024 19:05:29
Habs- kovacevic

Van- podkolzin

Habs- Allen 50%retain

Col- Beaucage

Habs- armia

LA- kaliev

Or Nyi - Wahlstrom

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29 Feb 2024 07:19:14

Anh- Henrique

Col- Oskar olausson-behrens-1st pick col 2025- 4thpick 2025-joahnsen

Anh retain half on Allen,henrique

Habs-4th pick col

Anh- olausson-behrens-1st pick- Johansen

Col- henrique-allen

I've seen this rumors but with Callum Ritchie , pretty sure avs don't want to part ways with Ritchie so I swap him with olausson and swap the 3rd for a fourth seems more fair

Mtl- armia half retain- 4 the pick col

La - kaliev

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24 Feb 2024 21:06:25
Mtl- send Gallagher 25 %retain and wpg 1st pick to Chicago


Chicago retain half of Gallagher 5m
To EDM for Campbell and EDM 1st pick

Chicago get to first pick to retain 2.5m salary on Gally and take Campbell

EDM gain a little cap space , a good depth player in Gallagher at 2.5m

Habs give Gallagher a chance to win a cup in his hometown and free 5m cap space for the next 3year

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25 Feb 2024 09:28:58
Buyout cheaper next year.

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